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Diving in Bintan

Bintan Diving Season


Bintan can be dived all year round.

The dive sites around Bintan can be divided into 3 main areas, North, East and South.


North of Bintan (year round diving)


The sites are found along the coast of Lagoi and extends all the way past Berakit. We seldom dive here as marine traffic makes it less ideal as a site. In addition, silty conditions makes the visibility unpredictable due to currents and strong tides.


East of Bintan

(Diving from March to November only)

This is the main area where most diving activity are carried out.

The sites are found along the coast of Trikora right to the island of Mapur. The sites here include shallow and sandy bottoms, sloping coral reefs, and drop-offs  with giant seafans of Mapur. A wonderful macro critter heaven with regular sightings of schooling fishes, nudibranches, shrimps, crabs, frogfishes, pipe fishes, turtles, rays and occasionally guitar sharks. We also dive the Igara Wreck and Nikoi Wreck in this area. 

Depth of sites range from 10 m to 35 m


South of Bintan (year round diving)


The sites are found in a cluster of islands south of Bintan. Generally less explored  with shallow coral reefs to sandy bottoms and bays within islands, and some mangroves. Another heaven for macro hunters with regular sightings of seahorses, frogfishes, nudibranches, shrimps, crabs, pipefishes, to schooling fishes.

Depth of sites ranges from 5 m to 30 m.


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